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Atlas Copco FX series Dryer

Atlas Copco FX 1-21

Available in: Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma

Category: Filtration/Air Dryers

Self-regulating dryer provides constant dry air

  • All models include, as standard, an air-to-air heat exchanger which prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the pipe system
  • An electronic drain is included as a standard feature on all models which ensures reliable evacuation of the moisture in the water separator, a feature that increases the dryer’s reliability
  • Highly efficient integrated water separator on the FX6-21 facilitates a low and reliable pressure dew point

Long term benefits

  • Low maintenance costs & long lifetime for dryer components
  • Few components to repair or replace
  • Self-regulating machine provides reliability and requires low maintenance

Value beyond price

  • Integrated water separator helps to ensure a low and constant pressure drop while increasing reliability
  • A work-horse dryer that supplies a steady flow of dry air while offering complete peace-of-mind


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