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Zeks Heatsink Refrigerated Air Dryer

Zeks Heatsink

Available in: Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Memphis, Nashville

Category: Filtration/Air Dryers

Energy Saving Dryers

HeatSink® Cycling Dryers
ZEKS HeatSink refrigerated dryers ensure that energy is consumed in proportion to actual demand for dried compressed air. The dryer refrigeration system automatically cycles on and off to maintain stored cooling energy in a cold thermal storage module. Every model incorporates efficient heat exchangers – designed specifically for compressed air drying – and energy-efficient True-Cycling performance. Moisture and contaminants are efficiently separated from the air stream and automatically discharged from the dryer.
The CFXTM Innovation
Our 75-19200 scfm HeatSinkTM cycling refrigerated dryers are built around our patented CFXTM heat exchangers. These unique exchangers have high heat transfer with low pressure drop because of short flow length. Flow area that is 3-5 times that of the equivalent copper tube exchanger and self-cleaning action contribute to low pressure drop and low fouling potential. This revolutionary technology provides high air drying efficiency and, when combined with cycling-dryer operation, results in very low dryer operating cost. All-welded stainless steel CFXTM heat exchangers can be used in many applications where copper or other metals are not suitable.  

Integrated Oil Removal Capability
Our exclusive CMETM Cold Mist Eliminator refrigerated dryer option provides the most efficient way to remove harmful air compressor lubricant carryover from compressed air. This two-stage component is completely integrated into our 200-400 scfm HeatSinkTM dryers and enables them to deliver compressed air that is essentially oil-free.
HeatSink 10-50 scfm

  • 38°F(3.3 C) pressure dew point
  • Compact size
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable components for long service life
  • Float drain  

HeatSink 75-2400 scfm

  • 38°F(3.3 C) pressure dew point
  • 3.0 psid or less pressure drop
  • Stainless steel CFX heat exchangers
  • DPC Digital Performance Controller (200-2,400)
  • Durable, modular construction
  • Reliable components for long service life
  • Timed electric solenoid drain



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