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The AIM Story

President Andy Fowler is the company’s face when it comes to Arkansas Industrial Machinery (AIM). Andy became the face of the company not because of his title or ownership, but because of the expertise he’s gained over time, his commitment to consumers, and the culture he’s created. However, this isn’t solely a story about Andy; in many respects, when you hear Andy’s story, you’ll also hear AIM’s story.

Andy started working AIM in 1977. He’s held positions in sales, service and operations—not to mention in-depth involvement in the financial side of the company. With this vast experience Andy determined two things: 1) he wanted to develop strong working relationships with clients and 2) he wanted to be a “problem solver” who helped clients with solutions that helped operate their businesses more efficiently. Over time, Andy has developed many solid relationships around the mid-South. In many cases, he knows more about his client’s businesses than some of their employees do. The reason clients like having AIM and Andy around is because they solve problems, makes sure things work, and remove undue burdens. This concept of forging solid working relationships and problem-solving came from Andy. This concept of forging solid working relationships and problem-solving is AIM.

Through the years Andy had a strong relationship with his Dad —a Georgia Tech Grad—his Dad worked at AIM too. Many times Andy took what he considered to be really good ideas to his Dad and allow him to challenge in his logic. That collaboration was exceedingly helpful in creating the best solutions for clients. Over time Andy branched out his collaborative interactions with others at AIM. This collaborative approach to build great solutions came from Andy. This collaborative approach to build great solutions is AIM.

When people think of AIM, they see a company a great company focused on relationships, problem-solving, and collaboration. When people think of Andy Fowler, they think the same.

Our Team

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Purchasing Manager

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Accounts Payable Clerk

The AIM Promise

AIM is a distributor of high quality industrial air, gas, and fluid handling equipment. We specialize in the repair, service, and preventative maintenance of industrial compressors, fluid pumps, air pumps, and much more. With an emphasis on solutions and quality, our team also prides itself on offering a variety of innovative engineering solutions for our customer’s problems across a wide range of industries.

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