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Arkansas Industrial Machinery, Inc.’s Power and Fluids Division began in 1975 as the company’s first branch facility. The branch is currently located in Memphis, Tennessee, and has experienced a number of additions and renovations over the last 36 years. Our mission as one of AIM’s four important locations is to boost your productivity with the high-quality air, gas, liquid handling, and treatment equipment we sell, service, and back with AIM’s On-Target Promise. We’re here to fulfill your local needs for high-quality products and service. 

Across a wide range of industries, we specialize in unique engineering solutions for our customers’ difficulties. AIM offers state-of-the-art facilities, and our full product line is among the best available.

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AIM is the best place to find accessories, parts, and services for industrial equipment not just in Memphis but also in North Little Rock, Bossier City, and Nashville. Years of experience working with industrial products are available from our qualified team. Our number one goal is to meet your demands by offering you the appropriate products and services.

Depending on your demands, we provide a wide range of well-known products and parts, including air compressors, filters, air dryers, generators, blowers, vacuum systems, and pumps. Any inquiries you may have will be answered by our team without delay! Our aim is to supply you with the most dependable industrial equipment for running your business.

If you would like more details on our products and/or services, including which products and services we would recommend for your business, please contact our knowledgable and experienced team today!

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The AIM Promise

AIM is a distributor of high quality industrial air, gas, and fluid handling equipment. We specialize in the repair, service, and preventative maintenance of industrial compressors, fluid pumps, air pumps, and much more. With an emphasis on solutions and quality, our team also prides itself on offering a variety of innovative engineering solutions for our customer’s problems across a wide range of industries.