Atlas Copco CD 110-300 Air Dryer

Clean and dry air is an essential part of a modern production process. Untreated compressed air contains moisture, aerosols and dirt particles which can damage the air system, tools and machines or even contaminate the end product.

Incorporating the best, robust components the market has to offer, Atlas Copco CD heatless desiccant dryers provide clean and dry air, extending the lifetime of equipment and protecting final product integrity, even in difficult and challenging operating conditions.
The CD110-300 heatless dryer range is built to ensure that each and every customer benefits from:

Continuous dry air, even in difficult and demanding conditions
Superior energy efficiency and lowest possible running costs
Unrivalled mechanical and performance reliability
Lowest overall maintenance costs with long maintenance intervals
Total operational convenience, from installation to remote monitoring and control

In order to provide these key advantages, Atlas Copco spent years developing the CD design, verifying the performance over a broad range of conditions and qualifying each component for continuous use without unexpected failure. The resulting product is a truly industrial piece of equipment, designed without compromise, hand built by craftsman and ready for long term and continuous operation in even the most demanding environments.