Atlas Copco Filters

In almost all applications, contamination of the air supply can cause serious performance decline and increase maintenance costs in terms of actual repairs and lost productivity.

Atlas Copco’s innovative filtration solutions are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best quality air while exceeding today’s increasing quality demands.

Atlas Copco designs filtration solutions to provide compressed air purity that meets or exceeds levels set forth by international standards such as ISO 8573-1.

Among its filter ranges, Atlas Copco offers more than 200 filters that span from coalescing filters for general purpose protection (the DD range) to active carbon filters used for removal of oil vapor and hydrocarbon odors, the QD filter range.

Regardless of your quality air and filtration needs, Atlas Copco undoubtedly offers a filter that is perfect for your application.

1. Superb cost savings

Low energy consumption
Large effective filtration areas
Low resistance to the air flow

2. Optimal filtration

Exceptional flow path through housing and cartridge
Limited system operating costs
Considerable reduction of air turbulence and pressure drop

3. Reliable filtration

High performance stainless steel filter cores ensure reliable performance of the elements
Internal ribs to protect the element from damage and route oil droplets
Automatic drain designed for ultimate performance

4. Operational ease

Sight glass provides for easy monitoring
Push on element
Audible alarms