Eaton UNIBAG Filter Bag

The UNIBAG from Eaton is manufactured from newly designed needlefelt media made from premium recycled fibers without optical white additives. It is singed on the outside for maximum stability and the prevention of fiber release. The UNIBAG has high strength welded construction on the side and bottom – and the unique UNIRING™ on the top provides optimum sealing and elimination of bypass.

The UNIBAG is offered in three material combinations:

All polypropylene media and ring construction – chemically compatible in most applications.

Polyester media and polypropylene ring – economical when Polyester media is required by the application.

Polyester media and ring construction – the choice in higher temperature applications.

Superior Construction
All welded construction eliminates the bypass that can occur in standard sewn filter bags. Eaton’s proprietary welding technology produces a super-strong seam that will stand up to the most demanding applications without failure.

Key UNIBAG markets:

Paints, Coating, Inks, Dispersions
Water and Water Treatment
Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids
Parts Cleaning Solutions
Pulp and Paper
Food Processing
Chemical Processing
Edible Oils
Potable Water, Beer, Wine