Flowserve HPX

The HPX pump is the workhorse of the hydrocarbon processing industry, boasting unequaled versatility, reliability and safety. Designed to withstand the high pressures and temperatures often found in the oil and gas and hydrocarbon industries, the HPX is a horizontal end-suction pump with a top discharge, overhung, centerline-mounted configuration. It is fully compliant with ISO 13709/API 610 (OH2) latest edition design criteria and features an ISO 21049/API 682 compliant seal chamber.

Typical Applications

Petroleum refining, production and distribution
Petrochemical processing
Heavy-duty chemical processing
Gas industry services
Boiler circulation
High-temperature applications
General industrial

Operating Parameters

Rated flows to 9000 gpm
Heads to 1250 ft
Temperatures from -250°F to 850°F
Pressures to 1160 psi