Flowserve Terra Titan

The Flowserve TKL Terra-Titan vertical, cantilever shaft sump pump is ruggedly built to provide the economical reliability demanded by the mining, process and general industries. A hardy workhorse, the Terra-Titan has a proven record of handling the most severe applications. Whether fine or coarse solids, neutral or acidic mixtures, high-flow or dry running conditions, the Terra-Titan performs tough jobs reliably.


Mining and mineral processing
Steel and primary metals processing
Carbon pulp transfer
Fly ash
Mill scale
Pulp production and provessing
Liquid effluent
Waste water
Sugar mill waste
Food processing

Operating Parameters

Flows to 4,000 GPM
Heads to 150 ft
Temperatures to 212°F
Pressures to 70 psi
Sizes 1.5 to 8 in
Sump depths from 28 to 72 in
Power range .75 to 200 HP
Available to ISO or ANSI dimensional standards