Hydro-Thermal Solaris Heater

Requiring no mechanical mixers, motors, external steam valves or condensate return systems, the Solaris® Hydroheater® is the simplest solution for heating paper stock and other thick and viscous materials uniformly.

Handles paper stock and materials up to 12% consistency
High velocity steam injection ensures homogeneous heating without mixers or motors
Constant steam pressure and velocity eliminate plugging and pressure upsets
Precise temperature control, within 1/2°F, optimizes bleaching processes, reducing chemical usage and volatile emissions
Instantaneous heating, capable of up to 250°F temperature rise
Straight-through flow design sized to match nominal pipe line sizes and compact design ease installation and minimize flow disturbance
Viscosities up to 40,000 cP
10:1 Turndown ratio

How the Solaris Hydroheater Works
Steam is discharged into the material where the windows in the stem plug are aligned with any number of hundreds of small holes in the diffuser. To control the amount of steam discharged, an actuator rotates the stem plug to expose the windows to fewer or more diffuser holes, as desired. Each hole exposed to a stem plug window discharges steam at very high, often sonic velocity. The turbulent nature of this high velocity discharge enables steam to instantaneously penetrate, disperse, and efficiently mix with the materials to effect uniform heating. Temperature is measured downstream and the steam flow is modulated accordingly to achieve a target temperature. Note: Within the unit, steam pressure and velocity remain constant throughout the range of operation regardless of the amount of steam being discharged. The high velocity of the steam discharge prevents the multitude of steam ports from plugging.