Model 1200 PD Plus Air Blowers

Model 1200 PD PLUS heavy duty industrial blowers are designed for high performance applications, up to 15 PSIG (1.03 bar g) pressure boost or 15” Hg (-500 mbar g) dry vacuum (24” Hg [-810 mbar g]water injected). The 19 (horizontal flow) and 86 (vertical flow) series have wide application in pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment and the general process industry where high pressure, high volume air is required. Seal areas are vented to atmosphere to relieve process pressure against the internal lip seals, and to provide oil-free air.

Models Available:

215, 1224, 1230, 1236, 1248


Pulp/Paper Processing
Fluid Bed Combustion
Pneumatic Conveying
Fluidization/Agitation of Dense Powders
Mobile Vacuum Waste Removal
High-Performance Applications
Pressure Boosting