Zeks Eclipse Desiccant Dryers

Desiccant dryers, also referred to as regenerative dryers, use desiccant media to adsorb moisture and contaminants from compressed air. The desiccant media can be regenerated, or purged of the moisture it collects, and used again and again. Our desiccant dryers use this process to dry compressed air to very low dew points of either -40°F, -80°F, or -100°F. These low dew points are necessary for critical compressed air applications or for those in extremely cold ambient conditions where any moisture remaining in the air would freeze inside compressed air system piping and block flow.

The twin-tower design of our dryers allows simultaneous compressed air drying and desiccant regeneration – without interruption to compressed air flow. We manufacture air dryers with heatless or heated regeneration to meet the broadest range of application and operator requirements.

All ZEKS regenerative dryers are covered by our comprehensive Dryer Warranty.

Eclipse™ desiccant dryers from ZEKS combine innovative design, advanced engineering and quality workmanship to provide these features.

Energy Savings Options
Low Profile Design
High Performance Valves
Convenient Service Access
Advanced Controls
Remote Communications Ready

Eclipse dryers are available in ZPA heatless, ZHA heated and ZBA heated blower models. Standard ZHA/ZBA and optional ZPA models include our proven DPC™ Digital Controller and status-indication DynOptic™ Panel to clearly communicated dryer status while affording easy access to dryer functions. ZPA 90-5000 scfm, ZHA/ZBA 150-8000 scfm models available.