Hydro-Thermal EZ Heater

Use EZ Heater instead of heat exchangers or spargers to get: Exceptional energy saving Precise temperature control Instantaneous hot water from 2 to 600 gpm [7.5 l/m – 2.2 kl/m] Large temperature rise Heavy duty 316 stainless Self cleaning Exceptional turn-down ratio Quiet, hammer free Space savings Reduced maintenance EZ Heater® is the most efficient […]

Hydro-Thermal Industrial Heater

The Industrial Direct Steam Injection Heater The Hydroheater heats water, or other slurries, to a specified temperature through direct injection of a controlled amount of steam. If you require: Uniform cooking of your liquid or slurry Precise temperature control Shorter production time Reduced unscheduled downtime Reduced carbon footprint Then the Industrial Hydroheater is the product […]

Hydro-Thermal Solaris Heater

Requiring no mechanical mixers, motors, external steam valves or condensate return systems, the Solaris® Hydroheater® is the simplest solution for heating paper stock and other thick and viscous materials uniformly. Handles paper stock and materials up to 12% consistency High velocity steam injection ensures homogeneous heating without mixers or motors Constant steam pressure and velocity […]