Peerless Fire Pumps

Peerless Fire Pump Systems Thousands of Peerless Pump installations (UL, ULC or FM approved) deliver superior fire protection to facilities worldwide. For over eighty years Peerless Pump has been offering complete service, from engineering assistance to in-house fabrication to field start-up. Products are designed from a broad selection of pumps, drives, controls, baseplates and accessories. […]

Flowserve SMP Pump


Offering Broad Coverage for General Industrial Services The horizontal frame mounted SMP single stage, standard motor pump has evolved as Flowserve design engineers have anticipated the growing and diverse applications requiring economical and reliable pumping. Their attention to SMP’s mechanical construction, materials and hydraulics has resulted in unsurpassed satisfaction and low life cycle cost for […]

Blackmer Frame S Centrifugal Pumps

The Frame S Pump is the heavy duty alternative to standard small frame pumps which can easily become overstressed when operated off the best efficiency point of its performance curve. The Frame S Pump provides mid-frame strength and reliability in small frame space. It can be installed in the same space, on the same baseplate, […]

Blackmer Frame M Centrifugal Pumps

Engineered reliability design incorporates industry-proven features that extend seal and bearing life and lower overall cost of ownership. Solid shaft with reduced overhang provides superior resistance to deflection. Shaft stiffness ratio (L3/D4) of 19 is the lowest for any pump in this size range. Maximum Flexibility: Available centerline mount for high temp applications Left or […]

Blackmer LD17 Centrifugal Pumps

The LD17 Pump’s solid shaft conquers vibration and greatly extends seal, bearing and shaft life. It resists the forces of destructive vibration far better than any other general process pump, reducing costly shutdowns. Its oversized angular contact thrust bearings are standard for high thrust capability and eliminate any axial movement of the shaft. System One […]

Peerless Pump Type A

The Peerless Pump Type A Pump is a cast iron, bronze-fitted, single stage, double suction, horiaontal split case. Engineered and manufactured in the USA using the latest technology for the industrial, process, municipal and HVAC markets. There are 20 pump sizes ranging from ten-inch to twenty four-inch discharge. Applications: Type A pumps can be applied […]

Peerless Pump Series AE

Using the latest technology, Peerless Pump engineered the AE series pump to accommodate a variety of applications. The single stage, double suction, horizontal split case pump comes in forty-two different hydraulic configurations and twenty-five pump sizes. Discharge sizes range from two to ten inches. The AE has a wide selection of hydraulic performance envelopes, multiple […]

Peerless Pump Series BT

The Peerless BT pump is a cast iron, bronze-fitted single stage double suction horizontal split case pump. Engineered and manufactured in the USA using the latest technology, the BT has been specifically designed to meet the needs of both installing contrators and owners in the HVAC and plumbing systems for commercial buildings. The BT pump […]

Peerless Pumps Series C

The Peerless Pump C Series Pumps are close coupled with standard C-face JM or JP solid shaft ball bearing motors specifi cally designed for pump applications in accordance with standards developed by the Hydraulic Institute (HI) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). Applications: Peerless Pump Series C close coupled single suction pumps are designed […]

Peerless Pumps Series F

The Peerless Pump F Series Pumps are general purpose, frame mounted, end suction pumps flexibly coupled to drivers and equipped with coupling guards. Each entire unit can be mounted on a steel base. An optional drip pan is available. Applications Peerless F Series pumps are designed for applications in medium duty service, providing maximum pump […]